Commemorative Museum-Studio of Z.I. Azgur

The Memorial Museum-Studio of Z. Azgur is a unique museum. The only monographic museum in the Republic of Belarus, founded on the basis of the creative studio of the USSR Academy of Arts and private artists’ studio. The museum building is constructed in 1984 by the project of the architect V.N. Aladov. In 1999, it is included in the national catalog of historical and cultural values of the Republic of Belarus. On 18 February 2000 the museum was opened for visitors. The concept of the museum (memorial, monographic, art) was developed at the stage of its development and is denned by the specifics of the collections, which was donated to the state by his family after death the sculptor. The main fund of the museum includes 4,009 items (2012) and has two parts: the art collection and the memorial fund. The museum is the place of memory, and the center for up-to-date initiatives in the field of museum education, and creative space laboratory, which realizes their ambitious ideas of modern artists, architects, performers, dancers and musicians. The museum has traditional and experimental forms of interaction work with visitors: creative actions "The Sculptor's Day", "Minsk Sculpture", "Open Art", "Museum Night"; "Art instead of Sleep"; museum and pedagogical lessons, master-classes; seminars; individual projects within the project "Hopscotch" and "Museum Theater". The permanent exhibition is extended with the exhibition project "Modern + Classic. Contemporary Art in Traditional Museum".
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The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus, 2012.